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The 24th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Exlibris
Term: 01.06.2013

The exhibition of 24th Biennial Exlibris is opened !

On Saturday, the 1st of June this year, in the Hall of Seven Pillars at the Middle Castle in Malbork, the opening ceremony of the exhibition of competition entries of the 24th  International Biennial of Modern Exlibris took place.
It was preceded by the ceremony of presenting medals of honour and awards to the laureates of this year’s competition at one of the most magnificent castle interiors – the Summer Refectory of the Grand Masters’ Palace. The present edition coincided with the 50th anniversary of this art event. On this occasion, its initiator and long-standing curator, as well as an eminent graphic artist – Wojciech Jakubowski was honoured.

Several laureates received the highest distinctions in person, including the First Lady of the Polish exlibris, Hanna T. Głowacka, and two leading graphic artists from the Czech Republic, Jiři Brázda and Miroslav Hlinka. The medal of honour awarded to the Chinese etcher Malou Oi Yee Hung was received on her behalf by the collector Nannan Wang.
The awards were presented by Mariusz Mierzwiński – the director of the Museum in Malbork and by Bogumiła Omieczyńska – the curator of the 24th Biennial Exhibition.
This year, the main exhibition was accompanied – for the first time in history – by an exhibition of posters advertising all the previous editions, as well as an exhibition of medals of the International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Ex Libris (the curators of the exhibitions are Bogumiła Omieczyńska – the supervisor of the collection of exlibris and Joanna Czarnowska – the supervisor of the collection of numismatics of the Castle Museum in Malbork).
This year’s exlibris festival was celebrated by many guests, including nearly 120 outstanding graphic artists, exlibris connoisseurs and collectors as well as bibliophiles from Poland and abroad, who have come to Malbork for the gathering of creators and aficionados of this graphic miniature for the eleventh time now. The initiator and coordinator of the Malbork conventions is the custodian Bogumiła Omieczyńska.

The exhibitions are opened from 2nd June to 29th September. Welcome !

fot. B.L. Okońscy