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of the Malbork
Castle Museum
International Jamboree of Exlibris Artists and Collectors

Every two years on the first days of June the castle in Malbork is visited by many prominent graphic artists and experts within the field of ex-libris craft from Europe, Asia and Northern America.

The history of jamborees in Malbork started 26 years ago. The year 1992 saw the opening of a post-competition exhibition of the 14th International Biennial Exhibition of Modern Exlibris. For the first time the participants, who consisted of many prominent graphic artists, well-know collectors and bibliophiles, could access a separate room in order to exchange their graphics. Hence, the event was called the International Jamboree of Exlibris Artists and Collectors. Since then 13 rallies took place and the increasing frequency of persons interested in the exchange of graphics confirmed the need of organization of such events.

During a rally the participants exchange their ex-libris, order other works of their favourite masters as well as supplement their own collections of books by exchanging them to valuable publications which contain old and contemporary exlibris. Among the consolidated printed works one may sometimes find real bibliophilic pearls, which consists of artistic books made manually by the graphic artists only in few copies with authorship prints inside.

The past eleven rallies were visited by many esteemed guests, such as Presidents of FISAE* Congresses Klaus Rödel from Denmark, Ottmar Premstaller from Austria, Tauno Piiroinen from Finland, FISAE secretary professor William Butler as well as Presidents of Ex-libris Associations, such as Ph.D. Gernot Blum from Germany, professor Vratislav Janda from Czech Republic, Jack van Peer from Belgium, Ph.D. Vladimir Loburjew from Russia and Koji Ikuta from Japan, as well as representatives of many academic, museum and bibliophilic circles from the country and abroad, such as the Exlibris Museum in Moscow and the Exlibris Centre in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium).

Owing to its numerous contacts, the Castle Museum in Malbork keeps increasing its integration with associations of artists and collectors in Europe and all over the world. It is also expressed in the wide popularization of our artistic event and the castle in Malbork in local publications and foreign media as well as the exchange of publishing houses which document the exlibris exhibitions all over the world.

International rallies of artists and collectors in Malbork have become an important factor in the creation of a trend for the exlibris, for this dedicated graphic miniature created through the application of traditional techniques; the exlibris which is the result of reliable work of a graphic artist and some principles of traditional art.

The  Intenational Jamboree has been created Bogumiła Omieczyńska, curator of Brend Exlibris Exhibition.

*FISAE (Fédération Internationale des Sociétes d’ Amateurs d’ Ex-libris) - translation: International Federation of Associations of the Exlibris Enthusiasts; the first FISAE congress took place in 1953 in Kufstein in Austria. More information available upon the following website: